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    HAILAN MWD Instrument on Slim Hole Sidetracking Horizontal Well

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    HAILAN provide the instruments to the strongest domestic slim hole sidetracking service team specialized in deep well as well as the complex well with high challenge, leading the industry technology development in old well reconstruction, potential tapping and efficiency enhancement, so it therefore can develop new ways for tapping the potential and increasing the production of oilfield.


    Date : 5/29/2011 8/16/2011

    Well No. : Dixi No. 1824

    Part A : CNPC, Kelameili gas field

    Well Type : Slim Hole Sidetracking Horizontal Well

    Borehole : 118mm

    Flow Rate : 6.5 L/S (103 Gallons per minute)

    Sand Content of Mud : 0.8%

    Measured Depth : 4039m

    Vertical Depth : 3656m

    Pumping Pressure : 20~22 MPa

    Circulation Temperature : 90

    Static Temperature : 102

    Construction Unit : Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd

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