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    HAILAN MWD Tools on High-temperature High-pressure Deep Well

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    Measurement While Drilling ,HAILAN,LWD,MWD


    HAILAN MWD / LWD technologies solve the logging problems of complicated wells, horizontal wells and the like and is unanimously praised by our customers.


    It has been successfully applied in X well in Sichuan Province, with the well depth of 6262 m, the maximum borehole deviation of 71.42, the deviated well section length of 1877.42m and the angle holding section length of 1408.83m, and the field construction has helped improve the logging efficiency and eliminate the risks of downhole drill pipe sticking, etc.


    Date : 3/19/2011 4/11/2011

    Well No. : TP236X

    Drilling Team : Chuanqing Drilling No. 70527 Team

    Drilling Contractor : Shengli Directional Drilling Company

    Well Type : Ultra - Deep Horizontal Well

    Mud Density : 1.15

    Flow Rate : 12~14 L/S

    Pumping Pressure : 17~19 MPa

    Measured Depth : 7378m

    Vertical Depth : 6845m

    Circulation Temperature : 141

    Static Temperature : 152

    Construction Unit : Anton Oilfield Services (Group) Ltd

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