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    HAILAN MWD Technologies under Extreme Harsh Environment

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    Logging While Drilling,LWD,MWD


    HAILAN has experienced experts specialized in directional well and horizontal well drilling and excellent field operation engineers as well as full set of advanced wireless MWD tools.


    Various kinds of directional well design/calculation software and supporting tools like non-magnetic drill collars which are applicable to borehole of various sizes.


    We can perform the oriented operation of non-conventional wells such as large/medium/small radius horizontal wells as well as high-temperature and high-pressure directional well and horizontal well and the like.


    We can provide the customers with extensive high-quality, economical, efficient and reliable technical services.


    Date : 6/2011 7/2012

    Total Working Hours : 1485 hours

    Well No. : Yuanba 102-2H

    Drilling Team : Shengli No. 70153 Team

    Drilling Contractor : Shengli Directional Drilling Company

    Well Type : Horizontal Well

    Mud Density : 1.95

    Flow Rate 26L/S

    Measured Depth : 7990m

    Vertical Depth : 6840m

    Bottom Hole Pressure : 23000 psi

    Max. Temperature : 157

    Construction Unit : ShengLi Petroleum Administrative Bureau, SINOPEC

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