Research & Development




The search for oil and gas has three objectives: to identify and evaluate hydrocarbon-bearing reservoirs; to bring hydrocarbons to the surface safely and cost-effectively, without harming the environment; and to maximize the yield from each discovery.


These objectives can be advanced only by ongoing research into all aspects of the exploration, drilling, and production processes.


Our research is often conducted in partnership with universities and customers around the world.


This ensures close contact with leading-edge research in all relevant disciplines, improves understanding of clients' challenges, and facilitates the validation of research ideas in field experiments at an early stage in the product development cycle.


HAILAN technology fellows are an elite group of scientists and engineers chosen for their technical contributions to the company.


As consultants to our executive management, they play a leading role in the development of our technology and mentor our technical talent.


They are actively involved in developing technology strategy and working with clients and key vendors on technical issues.


These exceptional individuals have earned the esteem of their colleagues and the respect of management for their indispensable wisdom and counsel.


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