Q: What does HAILAN do?

A: Founded in 1995, HAILAN is one of the leading providers of products & services to the global energy industry.


Q: Where is HAILAN headquartered?

A: The Company has corporate headquarters in Beijing, China.


Q: How about HAILAN facility area and employee population?

A: Currently there are over 400 employees and a fabrication area of more than 8,000 square meters.


Q: What is the market for HAILAN?

A: Over 80% of the domestic market in China is occupied by us; in our overseas markets, we are also optimistic about the markets for other American, EU and Asian regions.


Q: What is HAILAN product series?

A: Our products currently produced in large batches are the four categories of: Electronic Single/Multi-shot Survey System; Wire-line Survey Steering Tool; MWD and Electronic Single-shot Inclinometer.


Q: What is the best seller for HAILAN ?

A: YST-48R mud-pulse MWD instrument is one of our best sellers both in domestic and overseas markets.


Q: What is YST-48R mud-pulse MWD ?

A: YST-48R was designed to meet various needs of hole diameters, flow rates and other drilling requirements.


Q: What is HAILAN’s lead time?

A: Usually we ship complete sets of equipment orders in 20-30 days; Instrument accessories orders in 10-15 days. The repair time for directional probe and gamma probe is 20-25 days and for pulse probe is 7-10 days.


Q: Who is HAILAN’s main customer?

A: Our main customer in China is CNPC and Sinopec.


Q: How to buy HAILAN’s products?

A: In most case we sell directly to customers worldwide, however we have already set up distribution partners in those countries. For the details please refer to "Contact Us".

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