TRG Module

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TRG is one kind of instrument module that moves along with the drilling bit measuring stratigraphic and geologic parameters while drilling.


TRG has 4 launching antennas and one pair of receiving antennas, it uses propagation characteristic of electromagnetic wave in different intermediarics to measure electrical resistivity.


In the process of operation, we can adjust well trajectory according to real-time measurement data so that it could provide effective evidence for geosteering.


TRG could operate connected with YST-48R MWD, in this model, it has favorable instantaneity, accuracy and durability.


The measuring result storage in the TRG data storage room, at the mean time, the data could be transferred to the ground through YST-48R MWD to instantaneously display and record.



Instrument outer diameter: 6 3/4 inches (178mm)

Max operating temperature: 150℃

Max pressure: 140MPa

Measurement range: 0.1~2000Ω.m

Measurement accuracy: 10Ω.m ±1%

Vertical resolution: 6 inches

Radial resolution: 30~75 inches (Max phase measurement)  15-30 inches (Minimum phase measurement)

Measurement interval: 4 secs (minimum)

Max data storage capacity: 128,000 groups


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