MWD Rentals & Leases
Along with tool and component sales, HAILAN offers customers the options of leases and lease purchases for entire tools, components, and equipment,
These allow you to take advantage of new developments with only a minor adjustment to your monthly costs.
Leases Option

The shortest lease time should be half a year (6 months).
Under this agreement, the customer is liable for all of the maintenance and normal wear and tear on the tools.
When the tool is returned at the end of the rental period, the tools will be repaired to new condition and the cost associated with the repairs will be billed to the customer.
With the HAILAN specific tools, all parts would have to be sourced from HAILAN, if the maintenance is being done in-house.
Lease Purchase Option
First and last month’s rental payments would be due upon the delivery of the tools.
If this is done, then 70% of the monthly rental payments are applied to the purchase of the tools up to a maximum of 70% of the tool value. On buyout, the outstanding balance would be due.
The lease purchase price will not include the purchase of all consumable items.
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