Piston Pulser X



Piston Pulser X uses new designed piston pressure membrane structure instead of the original oil sac type pressure membrane structure, which could balance the inner and outer pressure effectively when operating.
Piston Pulser X only redesigns the oil sac type pressure membrane structure while not changing the basic operating principle of the pulser.
It uses more stable and more high-temperature resistance metal piston structure instead of compensation membrane, bellows and other rubber material items in the oil sac type pressure membrane structure, in this way it not only enhances the reliability of the product, but also reduces the purchase and products inspection time, so that it accelerates products end product time, accelerates the supplying speed.
Through the design updating of Piston Pulser X, the most important point is it has lengthened the products service circle, so that it can directly enhance the economic benefit when users buying the product. Meanwhile, due to simplification of the product structure by reducing the vulnerable parts, it also can reduce the difficulty of repair and maintenance, enhance the efficiency of repair and maintenance.
Equipment length : 1936.50mm
Max temperature: 150℃;
O.D.: φ48mm       
Equipment max pressure: 120MPa
Mud concentration: ≤2.2g/cm³
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