TDP Downhole Generator



As a downhole power supply equipment, TDP-48R is specially designed for HAILAN YST-48R MWD system,  which provide continuous and stable electricity for operation needed.
The mud flow drives turbines to generate electricity which guarantees a long time operation of our MWD system.
Then reduces the time of pulling out and enhance drilling efficiency and benefit.



Instrument Length: 1245mm  
Outer Diameter: 48mm  
Impeller Outer Diameter: 69mm  
Rubber Fin Outer Diameter: 75mm  
Output Voltage: 28.8V  
Output Volume: 20-55 L/Sec. (320-900GPM)  
Sand Content: <1%  
Max Pressure: 140MPa  
Max Operating Temperature: 150℃  
Suitable Drill Collar Inner Diameter: 70-75mm  



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