TRG Resistivity

HAILAN TRG module provides resistivity measurements when formation evaluation is required in real time.
Additional resistivity measurements are stored in tool memory and added to the real-time log after drilling to provide a complete, high resolution profile of formation properties.

Our TGR has four launching antennas and one pair of receiving antennas, which can provide 8 compensated multi-depth resistivity curves.

It is low power for long battery life and reduced operating cost.
HAILAN TRG is 100% compatible with top mount HAILAN MWD system.
Outer Diameter:  6 ¾ inches (17cm)  
Max Pressure: 140MPa  
Max Operating Temperature:  150℃  
Measurement Range:  0.1~2000 Ω.m  
Measurement Accuracy:  10 Ω.m ±1%  
Vertical Resolution:  6 inches (15cm)  
Radial Resolution:  30~75 inches (Max Phase Measurement)  15~30 inches (Minimum Phase Measurement)  
Measurement  Interval:  4 Seconds (Minimum)   
Max Data Storage Capacity:  128000 Groups
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