YST-48K Directional Probe



YST-48K Probe creatively introduced “Suspension design” idea in the quartz probe structure, due to the “Suspension design” conducting effective protect to quartz accelerometer, circuit boards, electronic components and other vulnerable parts, it enhances the vibration resistance and the service life of the probe. 
Considering of the probe machine body and its each part in the pressure barrel mainly receive interconnection vibration of longitudinal vibration, lateral vibration and twisting vibration, so we created suspension phenomenon towards the machine body in pressure barrel.


Settle the machine body floating in pressure barrel, full fill with the buffered “Liquid” between machine body and the pressure barrel to avoid impact against the machine body from acute vibration from each direction, so that it could ensure the normal operation of quartz accelerometer, circuit boards and other electronic components under vibration.
To create reasonable suspension phenomenon, on the basis of YST-48R Probe, except for conducting calculation, design and modification towards the machine body, we also adopted new designed shock absorber and absorber rubber ring as the buffered “liquid”. 
Through the practice and verification, YST-48K Probe shock absorbing effect satisfied the design requirements, the performance has raised by a large margin compared to the original product.
The  shock resistance performance of YST-48K Probe has been strengthened without changing accuracy, in this way, the product service cycle has been lengthened, consequently users’ economic benefits has been raised. So far, our company has applied several patents aiming at the technique features of YST-48K Probe.
Inclination accuracy : ±0.1°;  
Azimuth accuracy: ±1.0°;  
Toolface accuracy: ±1.0°;
Max data storage capacity: 45000 groups  
Equipment length: 1638mm
Pressure barrel outer diameter: φ48mm  
Max temperature: 150℃;  
Max pressure: 140MPa
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