YST-48R Gamma Probe



The Gamma ray log measures the natural gamma radiation produced by the disintegration, or decay, of radioactive nuclei in the formation.
Gamma ray logs are helpful for quantifying shaliness, well-to-well correlation, depth correlation between open- and cased-hole logs, and for correlation between logging runs.

Gamma Detector Type:  APIGR  
Gamma Realtime:  Yes  
Recommended Minimum Sample Period:  10 Seconds  
Measurement Range:  0~500API  
Measurement Accuracy:  ±3API (0~150API)     ±10API (150~500API)  
Max Data Storage Capacity:  110,000 Groups  
Sensitivity:  Better than 1.6 CPS/API  
Vertical Resolution:  Better than 130mm  
Recommended Measurement Speed:  ≤30 m/h
Geosteering horizontal wells.
Detecting approaching bed boundaries with high gamma ray contrast.
Maintaining tight trajectory control when drilling in formations with high steering difficulty.
Drilling horizontals in gas reservoirs where extremely flat trajectories can improve production.
Determining dip direction and detecting fractures via borehole imaging for better reservoir understanding.
Stopping precisely at desired casing/coring points.  
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