HAILAN YST-48R mud-pulse MWD was designed to meet various needs of hole diameters, flow rates and other drilling requirements. 


The positive pulse system with minimum moving parts extends downhole life, simplifies maintenance and offers low resistance to flow ranges from 10 to 55l/s.


The downhole assembly is modular, which ensures easy handling and maintenance.



The probe power requirement is low, providing better operating economy and longer battery life. Its outer diameter is 48mm and suitable for all hole diameters. 


The system consists of a downhole equipment and a surface equipment.


The downhole equipment, which gathers and transmits data, composes Directional Probe, Pulser, Gamma Detector Probe and Battery Housing.


Surface equipment is composes Power Supply Box, Remote Data Processor, Pressure Transducer, and Computer that perform data reception, processing, display and so on.




Inclination range: 0~180° ±0.1° 

Azimuth range: 0~360° ±1.0°

Tool Face accuracy: ±1.0°

Max operating temperature: 150℃

Max pressure: 140MPa

Pressure barrel outer diameter: Φ48mm

Natural Gamma

Sensor: Scintillating crystal + Photomultiplier tube

Recommended minimum sample period: 10 seconds

Measurement range: 0~500API

Measurement accuracy: ±3API (0~150API)   ±10API (150~500API)

Max data storage capacity: 110,000 groups

Sensitivity: better than 1.6 CPS/API

Vertical resolution: better than 130mm

Recommended measurement speed: ≤30 m/h

Total length of the system: 6.8m (without Gamma)   8.8m (with Gamma)

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